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Joelee Meucci

Joelee is a California artist. Born in Monterey California and raised in the Bay Area until his mother passed away at 10. Joelee relocated with relative to the Central Valley farm community of Linden California. Joe had no idea the artistic talent that lay hidden in him until starting his freshman year in High School. As Joe recalls, one day he just started drawing and everything he did was called amazing. Joelee was assessed with professional talents as a young teen.

As most young men, Joelee’s passion was in sports and excelled in the sports arenas. After graduation Joelee found himself on his own at the age of 17 and began a successful corporate management career that spanned over a 30 year period. Joelee’s passion for art was always there and continued to grow.


With every purchase of this print you are donating to Veterans Organizations

“For Freedom” is a full color framed canvas print from an original oil painting by artist Joelee Meucci. For Freedom depicts our military service people who give their lives so that we can all enjoy the freedom that we have. This print is to honor our service people and veterans across America. This framed print will enhance any home or office letting people know that you support our military and veterans.


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