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DANCE OF HOPE is a limited edition bronze sculpture designed and sculpted by artist Joelee Meucci for breast cancer awareness.


Breast Cancer affects 1 out of 8 women every year. It is estimated that 287,850 new cases of invasive breast cancer are expected each year with another 51,400 new non-invasive cases.


By purchasing Dance of Hope, you are not only receiving a masterful piece of art, but you are helping boost awareness of this disease and help women in need. Artist Joelee will donate $1,000 from each sale to breast cancer, with the goal to donate a grand total of $250,000 to this cause.


Each sculpture is cast in bronze and finished off with a light stone patina for the body and lower portion. The breast cancer awareness ribbon is finished with the cause’s distinct pink patina, and mounted on a beautiful black granite base


Half life size and full life size are available. Contact Joelee Art for more information.

Edition size: 250

Size: 30″ high by 16″ wide



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