Joe Lee Art

Joelee Meucci

Joelee is a California artist. Born in Monterey California and raised in the Bay Area until his mother passed away at 10. Joelee relocated with relative to the Central Valley farm community of Linden California. Joe had no idea the artistic talent that lay hidden in him until starting his freshman year in High School. As Joe recalls, one day he just started drawing and everything he did was called amazing. Joelee was assessed with professional talents as a young teen.

As most young men, Joelee’s passion was in sports and excelled in the sports arenas.  After graduation Joelee found himself on his own at the age of 17 and began a successful corporate management career that spanned over a 30 year period.  Joelee’s passion for art was always there and continued to grow. 

In the early 90’s Joelee was commissioned to paint a number of professional athletes which included limited edition prints that now sell for as high as $25,000 each.

Having been discouraged by the art world Joelee’s recluse back into the corporate world allowed him to excel again and further develop his sales and marketing experience.

Now after taking an early retirement Joelee is back at it with more passion than ever before. Many of Joelee’s paintings are used to generate funds for nonprofit organizations. Joelee is currently working with the Vets and Vines foundation to raise funds through one of his paintings’ “For Freedom”. Profits from these sales go directly to Vets and Vine foundation which creates jobs for our veterans while helping them transition back into mainstream America.

Joelee’s recent return to the Monterey Peninsula and opening his gallery/studio in Carmel Valley has brought him full circle. Joelee’s artwork is unlimited in subject matter and medium. Joelee’s works of art include Heirloom and Corporate Portraiture, Landscapes, Seascapes, Western, Sports, City Scapes, Wildlife, and Animation.

Joelee has a number of projects that are in the works including a documentary, television show, and feature film. More than anything Joelee receives his greatest joy and reward by helping others achieve their goals and meet their needs. As amazing as Joelee’s talent is, he has just begun to tap the surface and is looking forward to all that is available to do and paint.

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